PDX Powerlifting Proudly Presents

Night of the Living Deadlift 2018

A deadlift competition and costume party



I want to help out with this party!

When: October 27, 2018 @ 6pm
Where: PDX Strength

Meet Directors: Tim Mercer & Jackie Mercer

Prizes: In addition to product tosses, and door prizes, we'll give awards and prizes for the following categories:

  • Best Lifter Male: Based on allometric scoring using body-weight
  • Best Lifter Female: Based on allometric scoring using body-weight
  • Best Lifter Costume Male
  • Best Lifter Costume Female
  • Best Crowd Costume

Unsanctioned:  This contest is unsanctioned so there's no membership to purchase. Anyone (21 years of age and over), is welcome to compete!

Raw or Equipped: This event is open to only raw lifters. Lifters can wear belts only. No suits, straps, or anything else but your costume!

Lifting Attire:  Lifters can wear any clothing they like, but they will likely be scorned if they don't wear a costume. So, put together your best costume to deadlift in!

I want to lift at this party!

I want to party (not lift) at this party!

Tentative Schedule of Events

Doors Open/Weigh Ins Begin: 4:30PM

Lifting: 6PM-9:30PM

Awards: 10PM (or 30min after lifting ends)

After party: 10:30PM-12:00AM (hang around for drinking and dancing)

Note: All participants will be notified of final schedule via email (from Tim Mercer – pdxpowerlifting@gmail.com) the week prior to October 27, 2018. Please do not reach out prior for details.

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